HyperX Cloud II Review: Gaming Headset 7.1 Surround Sound

HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound, Memory Foam Ear Pads, Durable Aluminum Frame, Detachable Microphone, Works with PC, PS4, Xbox One

We no longer present the HyperX brand which has imposed its headsets in the gaming industry in a few years. In fact, while researching information on the net to prepare for my test, I realized that the HyperX Cloud II was the best-selling gaming headset in 2016, which is to say that it turns out to be a headset! So I was kind of obliged to get it for you to test it here, so we’ll see if this popularity is deserved or not.

For that, I suggest that you take an interest in different criteria as usual: design and materials, comfort and ergonomics, audio quality, and finally the quality of the microphone. I also remind you that you can find all my other gaming headset tests.

HyperX Cloud II

Image Source: hyperxgaming.com



  • Headphones / Micro Gamer
  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • PC / Mac / PS4 / Xbox / Smartphone compatible
  • Virtual 7.1 without PC / Mac drivers only
  • USB or Mono Jack connection
  • Circum-aural earpads

Design and Materials

In terms of materials, we are on the solid: steel/aluminum structure, a synthetic earpiece that breathes very well, and solid plastic finishes. The coating that comes to rest on the top of the skull is also of good quality, it does not heat up and is very pleasant.

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Nothing to complain about on this side after two years of use, the foams have not sagged, the structure of the helmet has not moved, very good news on the lifespan side!

As for the design, we are on a rather imposing headphone, difficult to do otherwise with the earpads with circum-aural design. Fortunately, the fine red aluminum structure balances this effect. The finishes are neat and overall the design suits me well, the design is definitely gamer without being too aggressive.

Comfort and Ergonomics

In terms of ergonomics, the HyperX Cloud II is super easy to use and really well thought out, let me explain. To begin with, the circumaural earpieces have the advantage of not putting any pressure on the ears, which allows them to be worn for long sessions without feeling any discomfort. It is also possible to detach them if they are too worn.

As for the connections, the headset is simply connected via USB, without the need to install any drivers or third-party software. The absence of third-party software also means that it is not possible to adjust the headset, so this is both an advantage and a disadvantage since the use of the headset is facilitated but it is impossible to adjust the trigger. the microphone for example.

It is also possible to connect the headset in a single jack for PS4 controllers, phones, or others.

Still, on the ergonomics, the HyperX Cloud II 7.1 is equipped with a small remote control at the level of the cord allowing you to manage the sound control of the headphones and the microphone and to activate the 7.1. The cord is also quite large (about 2 meters) so no worries on that side.

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To conclude on comfort, I would say that the HyperX Cloud II is quickly forgotten once on the ears and after all that’s what we ask of a headset.

Audio Quality

On the audio side, I was really convinced, in comparison with a SteelSeries Arctis 7 for example the HyperX Cloud II are doing really well. The spatialization is good, we can clearly see each sound, the bass is present and the treble is precise.

It is also possible to activate 7.1 with a simple press on the small remote control but it is once again a virtual 7.1, so yes that adds a little spatialization level but frankly, nothing to do with a 7.1. Anyway, no headset can offer true 7.1 (Physically not possible) and all the virtual emulations are not really at the level I find. Unable to activate 7.1 when you are connected in jack on the other hand.

In video games, the Hyperx Cloud II stands out thanks to excellent spatialization. It is therefore ideal for all FPS games in which we need to be able to localize every sound.

The Quality of the HyperX Cloud II

The microphone is one of the big strengths of this gaming headset, the voice is clear and without interference, the surrounding noise is filtered, for a headset microphone, it is of very good quality. It’s just what it takes for skype conferencing or online gaming.

It is also possible to detach the microphone if you do not want to have it in front of your mouth when you are not using it.

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So, my opinion on the HyperX Cloud II after testing? Knowing that we find the helmet around $80 is an excellent deal.

Indeed the quality of the materials is good, I have the headphones for several months and no signs of wear, the audio quality is also excellent, the microphone is perfectly suited for online gaming, all offered at less than $100. In addition, the HyperX Cloud II is super easy to use, it’s plug-and-play.

We are therefore on a very good quality/price ratio, no wonder the HyperX Cloud II 7.1 quickly established itself in the world of gaming headsets, the opinions of other buyers on the HyperX Cloud II Amazon product page are also laudatory.

If you are looking for a cheaper gaming headset even if it means cutting back a bit on the audio quality, you can turn to the Klim Impact for which I also carried out a test.

Note also that the Hyper X range has expanded since the publication of this test with the Cloud Stinger, Alpha, and Flight that we will test soon on the site!


A gaming headset offering excellent value for money, particularly recommended for gaming thanks to excellent spatialization and a quality microphone. A 7.1 unconvincing as often said.

Strong Points of HyperX Cloud II

  • Quality/price ratio
  • Easy to use
  • Micro Quality
  • Spatialization
  • Comfort

Weak Points of HyperX Cloud II

  • Cannot push headset settings

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