Kotion Each G2000 Review: Gaming Headset for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox One

Kotion Each G2000 is the most popular gaming headset from Chinese brand Kotion Each – sometimes referred to as KingTop Each. Surround Sound Over-Ear Headphones with Mic, LED, Light. For Mac, Laptop, Switch, Playstation, Xbox Series X/S. Sold around $20, it promises, in particular, an excellent quality/price ratio. Promise kept?


Very imposing look, thick and hollow plastic shells, shiny finishes, rubbery faux leather ear cushions, many visible assembly marks, and neon blue backlighting … all the ingredients of an inexpensive gaming headset are in place. The finish of Kotion Each G2000 almost comes close to the toy. Its only merit is its lightness and flexibility. That is just about everything.

This lack of subtlety is also felt when placed on the head. The pincer effect is marked here, the pressure points are particularly localized at the top of the skull and the atria do not fit perfectly around the pavilions, especially at the lower level of the lobe. As a result, the insulation is far from effective. What’s more, despite the over-ear design and large ear cups, there isn’t much room to comfortably accommodate the ears.

Very often, the horn is compressed against the grille which protects the loudspeaker. Kotion Each G2000 is suitable for small heads, but less for larger ones (about 35 to 41cm, measuring from ear to ear and going through the top of the head). The notched arch is quite easy to adjust. Another point of disappointment, the pads, which are closer to rubber than imitation leather. With some users, the coating can quickly become “sticky” with heat. Even if the foam is thick, we would have preferred more density to benefit from a softer contact.

Kotion Each G2000

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Kotion Each G2000 can be connected exclusively in analog via two 3.5 mm mini-jack cables (headphone output and microphone input). The USB connector is only used to power the blue backlight of the headset. No 4-point mini-jack Y adapter is provided, which seriously limits the connection possibilities, especially for home consoles and certain laptops. Without being detachable, the cable is particularly long and thick. It is protected by a braided fabric sheath.

The large control integrated on the cable offers only the bare essentials: volume control via a plastic wheel, and microphone on / off via a selector. The use is therefore childish.


Kotion Each G2000 suffers from many shortcomings in the field of sound rendering, and it is little to say it.

Let’s not take four paths: the only small satisfaction of these headphones concern the homogeneity of the rendering in the bass/midrange and very low distortion over the entire spectrum. Apart from that, this model completely abandons the second part of the spectrum, from the high mids to the extreme highs. The sound is therefore very muffled, the soundstage does not breathe at all, as if everything was masked by a veil or stuck in a box.

It is therefore very difficult to appreciate the proximity of certain elements, which is particularly troublesome in the game. We have to really strain our ears to clearly identify the movement and distance of the different sources that make up the soundstage. The voices are still a minimum intelligible, but they are too warm.

There are also two annoying elements. The headphones do not go down well in the extreme bass and the membranes lack responsiveness, which gives a soft and cottony appearance to the sound reproduction. In short, go your way.

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Kotion Each G2000 comes with a totally rigid gooseneck microphone with a notched deployment, which makes its use unpleasant. There is no automatic cut-off when it is raised to the maximum.

Fortunately, the quality of recording delivered here is honorable… if you are not in a noisy environment. The microphone is not at all directive and retransmits all surrounding sounds. Do not hesitate to place it well in front of your mouth. Outside of this point, the signal is clean and a minimum strong. The voice is both intelligible and warm. There is no pronounced sensitivity to plosives and wheezes.

Strong Points of Kotion Each G2000

  • Good pickup quality of the microphone.
  • Cable length.

Weak Points of Kotion Each G2000

  • Very muffled sound reproduction (no high mids, no treble) and soft.
  • Very cheap manufacturing.
  • Very average feelings of comfort.
  • No accessories supplied.
  • The microphone is very sensitive to surrounding noise.


Even if it is offered at an extremely low price, nothing justifies succumbing to the Kotion Each G2000. If you want to invest the minimum to equip yourself for the game, we recommend that you take a look at the Carus instead, at least to benefit from a good sound reproduction.

Technical Sheet / Characteristics of Kotion Each G2000

  • Weight: 399 g
  • Kotion Each G2000 Helmet type: Closed
  • Cable length: 2.2 m
  • Headset: Circum-auricular
  • Detachable cable: No
  • Listening to the environment: No
  • Handsfree: Yes
  • Wired connection: mini-jack, USB-A
  • Wireless connection: No
  • Supported Bluetooth codecs: N / A
  • Impedance: N / A
  • Removable battery: N / A
  • Autonomy: N / A
  • IP certification: NC

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