Logitech G430 Review: Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Technology

After several months of using the Logitech G430 in different circumstances, whether for cross-platform gaming (PC and PS4), in videoconferences or more simply to listen to music, I now have the necessary perspective to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of this helmet.

To start from an aesthetic point of view, this obviously only commits me, the Logitech G430 combines sobriety and elegance. The only downside that I could note for the moment, for those who like to personalize their equipment, there is only one color.

From the point of view of materials we are on the classic but the quality, all the same, the upper arch of the helmet is in metal, the foams and their fabrics are comfortable and resistant over time, the rest in good quality plastic. In addition, the fabric covering of the foams present at the level of the ears, being removable, is, therefore, easier to maintain.

The Logitech G430 is, of course, adjustable to the size of your head, it also has 90-degree rotating ear cups which is very practical in certain cases such as for transport or when the helmet is worn around the neck. Even after more than two years of intensive use the helmet holds up well, there are some signs of wear but nothing to worry about.

Logitech G430

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The set is rather light and comfortable which is pleasant for someone like me wearing the helmet most of the day, between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. a day, it is never disturbing and I even regularly forget that I wear it. After 3 months of use, I am for the moment satisfied, there is for the moment no trace or sign of wear, the sound qualities, as well as the comfort, are not altered, unlike other headphones that I was able to have so far.

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The only downside concerning the ergonomics that I had for the moment and the fact that the microphone is not removable, although obviously adjustable, which can be slightly annoying during transport.

Regarding wired controls nothing very specific to note, it remains classic with a dial to adjust the sound volume in the headset as well as a 2-position button to activate or deactivate the microphone. These controls being placed on the headphone wire, are always within reach.

Installation and Autonomy

The Logitech G430 headset has a single cable splitting between the microphone and the auxiliary as well as a USB adapter where these 2 plugs are connected. To summarize, whether it is auxiliary or USB, you just have to connect the headset to your computer, or to your console, and it works instantly, in any case, that was the case for me.

Logitech G430 does not have a battery and must be plugged in. The fact of having to be constantly connected is not a problem in my opinion since Logitech has planned this point very well with a 2.3m cable allowing great freedom of action, as well as a Velcro attached to the wire to be able to fold it up. easier.

Sound Performance

The most important and essential point for me: the sound performance of this headset. My first thought on this subject was “satisfactory, I don’t have much to complain about”, the quality is there. The bass is round and never saturates, in particular thanks to its fairly low-frequency response, whether it is the midrange or the treble everything is well balanced and clear, the spatialization is also excellent.

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For example, it happens to me to have several “audio sources” simultaneously in my headset, for example, music + video games or music + audio conference, and this is never messy I constantly manage to know that it is the source and provenance of sound. For example, I regularly play “Battle Royal” type games, and in particular, at this time one where you have to mix FPS and construction, and when I meet an opponent or someone tries to get me to. distance I always know the direction from which the sound comes.

The Quality of The Microphone

With the Logitech G430, your voice can be heard clearly, the headphones have a filter for parasitic noise that finds it rather efficient. I regularly conduct audio conferences with this headset and none of the people I spoke to gave me negative thoughts about the clarity of my voice, which was not the case with my previous headset. The only remark that has been made to me so far is when I adjust my microphone to a distance a little too far from my mouth the noise filter is activated and filters my voice.

The Balance Sheet

The Logitech G430 is one of the best headphones I have tested from a quality/price point of view, I do not regret its purchase at all. The sound performance is in line with my expectations and its wearing is not disturbing for a long time. I recommend it to all those wanting correct performance without breaking the bank.

In addition, its simplicity of installation and its adaptability is really very pleasant. The only points that Logitech could have improved in my opinion are:

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-Making the microphone removable for transport;
-A Bluetooth option to be able to use the wireless headset, although this is not really necessary with it and could certainly have caused other problems.


An entry-level headset that is doing well thanks to good materials and mastered audio quality for an attractive price, some small reservations about the microphone on the other hand which is not at the level of the best headphones.

Strong Points of Logitech G430

  • Quality/price ratio
  • Audio Quality
  • Comfortable

Weak Points of Logitech G430

  • Few features
  • 7.1 unconvincing

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