PlayStation DualSense Charging Station for PlayStation 5, Review and Price

DualSense charging station PS5 is a peripheral that can be charged simply by mounting the DualSense PS5 Controller. The colors are based on white and black, and it can be said that the design is easy to match with the appearance of the main body and controller.

Even if you don’t have a stand, you can charge it with the attached cable, but I will explain three points that are convenient if you have a DualSense charging station PS5.

PlayStation DualSense Charging Station

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Benefits of using the DualSense charging station PS5

Points of interest 1. No need to connect to the PS5 main unit

  • You can charge up to two controllers, and you don’t need to connect them to your PS5 console. By omitting the cable, the environment around the game console can be organized smarter.
  • By the way, you can charge the controller as fast as when connected to the PS5.

Attention point 2. Easy to understand charging status

  • The area around the touchpad of the controller glows during charging and turns off when charging is complete.
  • Since you can see the touchpad from the front, it is easy to check the charging status.
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Attention point 3. Also convenient for storing the controller

  • It’s easy to get the controllers scattered after playing on the PS5.
  • In that respect, it is also convenient to store the PS5 controller in a fixed position. There is a power supply terminal on the bottom, and rubber is also attached, so you can expect it to be hard to slip.
  • In general, if the power cable is short, the stand arrangement may not be what you want.
  • The DualSense charging station PS5 has a power cable length of about 2m, so it’s easy to place the stand in the layout you want.

Easy to use: The charging method

The charging flow is as follows.

  1. Connect the power cord to the included AC adapter
  2. Connect to the DC IN terminal of the DualSense charging station PS5
  3. Plug the power cord into an outlet when all connections are complete
  4. Align the charging terminal of the controller and the DualSense charging station PS5 and push it in until you hear a click.
  5. Leave it until charging is complete (about 3 hours if the battery is low)
  6. When charging is complete, lift the controller and remove it from the DualSense charging station PS5
  7. If there is dust or foreign matter on the terminals, wipe them off with a dry cloth before connecting. Be sure to unplug the power cord when not using it for a long time or when cleaning it.

Actually using

In my case, I often use it with a freak or aim ring attached. PS5 DualSense ™ charging stand can charge two units at the same time, even with the freak attached.

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When you place the controller on the DualSense charging station PS5, the controller will be 2 to 3 mm above the desk. The area around the controller’s touchpad glows during charging and turns off when charging is complete. Since the touchpad is easy to see from the front, I felt that it was easy to understand “whether it is charging or not?”.

Advantages and disadvantages that I felt after using it

It will be easier to clean up the controller

PS5 DualSense is bigger than the PS4 controller. Just placing it on your desk can take up space and get in the way. The location of the controller can be fixed by having a DualSense charging station PS5. I found it convenient in terms of “storage”.

Can be charged firmly!

Since it is a DualSense charging station PS5, it is natural that it can be charged, but it can be charged just by placing the controller. You can save the trouble of plugging in the cable.

Before using the DualSense charging station PS5, I used to connect it to the PS5 main unit to charge the controller. When connected to the main unit, it was often not charged. It may be because I’m using a USB hub, but I found it inconvenient that it was connected to the cable but not charged.

PS5 DualSense ™ charging stand is powered by an electrical outlet. When I turned off the power of PS5, I felt that it would be useful if it could not be charged properly due to a hub or the like.

Compatible Models with this DualSense charging station PS5

CFI-1000B01  CFI-1000A01

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