PS5 Media Remote Control Review: Control all your PS5 entertainment

PS5 Media Remote Control Review

PlayStation 5 finally released on the 12th. Many CMSDIRS fans are paying attention not only as game consoles but also as Ultra HD Blu-ray / BD players and players who enjoy various video distribution services. The “PS5 Media Remote” (CFI-ZMR1J) for PS5, which is prepared as a peripheral device to conveniently use such AV-related functions.

PlayStation5 has been receiving a lot of attention right after its announcement, this time I will introduce an article published in the US Gizmodo about the PS5 remote control ” PS5 media remote” instead of the PlayStation 5 main unit. Reporter Sam Rutherford says that the new remote control is a lot cooler than the PS4 remote control, but there seems to be something to worry about.

So far, you may have wanted the remote control to have the same D-pad as the controller. And surely, there aren’t many peripherals with D-pads on Sony products. It was attached to the Move motion controller for PS3, but that was an extension of the controller.

PS5 Media Remote Control

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Personally, I think that the button that can be jumped to various services of the PS5 Media Remote control is convenient, but even though it is a white and crisp design, the logo of various services makes the design unifying. Where you are worried about. It would have been better if the buttons could be assigned without the logo.

PS5 Media Remote Dimension

The external dimensions are small at 145 x 45 x 26 mm (length x width x thickness), and the weight is as light as about 55 g without batteries. The rounded shape makes it easy to fit in your hand. It uses the 2.4GHz band and uses two AA batteries as its power source.

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There are two major features of PS5 Media Remote control. One is that it has a shortcut button at the bottom called a “service start button” so that you can easily enjoy the video distribution service on PS5. The second is that you can also operate the TV.

When the PS5 media remote control was announced along with the PS5 main unit, nothing was written on the “service start button”, but when you look at the real thing, Disney +, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube buttons are lined up.

As previously reported, PS5 has been announced that Apple TV, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video,, Hulu, U-NEXT will be available from the first day of release, among which Netflix, Spotify, It’s the shape that YouTube has taken the position of “service start button”. In addition, Disney + does not seem to have an application yet, and if an application appears in the future, it seems that the service start button can also be used.

In addition, these service start buttons not only call the application but even when the power of the PS5 main unit is off, the distribution application can be started with the touch of a button.

Other than this, it is equipped with arrow keys, enter button, back, and option buttons in the center. There are also fast forward, fast rewind, and play/pause buttons that cannot be removed for players. In addition, a “PS button” is also installed in the foreground.

Buttons for TV operation are located at the top. It also has a TV volume increase/decrease, TV power supply, and TV mute button. It also has a microphone button in the center of the top, but it seems that it can not be used now because the manual says “It will be supported in the future”.

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In addition, pairing with PS5 is required before using it as a PS5 controller and TV remote control. After that, set it so that it can be used as a TV remote control.

Select “Peripherals”-> “Media remote control”-> “Media remote control settings” from the home screen settings, and follow the on-screen instructions to set. Only one PS5 can be operated with one PS5 media remote controller.

PS5 Media Remote Product Description

Conveniently navigate entertainment on your PlayStation 5 console with an intuitive layout featuring media controls. Simplify your set-up with the ability to power on your PS5 console directly and adjust the volume and power settings of compatible TVs. Internet and account for PlayStation Network required. Streaming services may require a paid subscriptions and are not available in all countries. PS5 system software update may be required.

Product Information of PS5 Media Remote

  • Product Dimensions: 7.75 x 3.5 x 1.75 inches; 4.8 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Batteries: 2 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Date First Available: September 16, 2020
  • Release date: November 4, 2020

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