Sandisk SSD 1TB Extreme Portable Review: Fast SSD Up to 1050MB/s

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD – Up to 1050MB/s – USB-C, USB 3.2 Gen 2 – External Solid State Drive – SDSSDE61-1T00-G25

SanDisk offers a new version of its Extreme Portable SSD. This external box is offered here in a version with a speed of 1 Gb / s in an adventurer format that does not move an iota, still resistant to shocks and water, this is Sandisk SSD 1TB Extreme Portable.


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The Extreme Portable SSD series of external SSDs have been around since 2018 in its 500 MB / s version. Undoubtedly quite happy with this series, SanDisk periodically renews it in order to better stick to the technological developments of SSDs, but without changing their form. In 2020, for example, the firm released a Pro version with speeds boosted to 1050 MB / s. This series has since been renewed to go to 2 GB / s and the manufacturer has seen fit to increase the speed of the classic version from 500 to 1050 GB / s. Not very simple all that …


The Sandisk SSD 1TB Extreme Portable tested here (version G25) uses all the codes of its predecessors. We find the shell of the classic version made up of a rigid plastic inner shell and a soft plastic outer covering. What offers a pleasant resistance to water splashes, dust infiltration (protection rating IP55), but also to shocks and falls.

Compact (96 x 49 x 9 mm), Sandisk SSD 1TB Extreme Portable still offers a very good finish. The orange notch accommodates a wrist strap or carabiner, but none of these accessories are provided. The USB-C cable is however well delivered. Unfortunately, it is only about fifteen centimeters long, which is fine for a laptop computer, less for a desktop computer or other peripherals. A second longer cable would have been welcome. A USB-C to USB-A adapter is also included, but be careful not to lose it; there is nothing to secure it to the cable or case when not in use.

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No hanging system is provided for this cable, no more than a carrying pouch. This is an unfortunate habit of manufacturers of external SSDs and HDDs who, if they care about the bulkiness of their cases, don’t seem to be aware that an unpacked cable is quite a mess in a bag. We will console ourselves with the warranty, still 5 years on this model.


Once disassembled, the case reveals a fairly classic M.2 2280 SSD attached to a USB controller card. This card has an Asmedia ASM2362 chip as on the Pro iteration (1 Gb / s version), but we will not find any indication of the components on the SSD itself.


The throughput reached by the Sandisk SSD 1TB Extreme Portable (version G25) is quite close to that of the old Pro version, Sandisk SSD extreme pro.  The manufacturer promises similar values: 1050 MB / s in reading and 1000 MB / s in writing. Under benchmark, the average exceeds 990 MB / s in reading and reaches 930 MB / s in writing. Manual copying allows us to achieve 700MB / s read and 560MB / s write large files. With a batch of several medium-sized files (photos), the throughput logically drops a notch to 545 MB / s read and 430 MB / s write. Once again quite good results, comparable to those offered by the Samsung T7 Touch, for example, or the Crucial X8.

These performances are also valid during large file transfers. SanDisk’s external SSD does not heat up much, causing no revs to drop, unlike other models.

Strong points

  • High flow rates.
  • Compact and well-finished housing.
  • Heats little.
  • Resistant to water splashes and dust (IP55).
  • Guaranteed 5 years.
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Weak Points

  • No storage system for the USB cable.
  • Cable supplied fairly short.


Sandisk SSD 1TB Extreme Portable (version G25) delivers excellent performance. The speeds are high in all circumstances and good thermal management allows these speeds to be maintained during large data exchanges. Certainly, again and again, one of the best external SSDs on the market.

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